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The Most Advanced Supreme Bot

The most advanced and affordable
Supreme Bot on the market.

Supreme Simplified Features

Product Shop

Instead of having to find and enter keywords manually on drop days, you can choose what product, style, and size to add to cart from our Product shop.

Order Manager

Once a successful order is placed, the order will automatically be added to your order manager. Tracking info will automatically be updated.

Automation No More

Emulating natural mouse movements and keypresses allowing you to avoid Supremes automation detection.

Multi-Cart Checkout

The ability to run unlimited carts, so you can check out and ship the items you want, where you want from one computer.

Restock Mode

Automatic restock mode so that you can cop the items you missed if they come back into stock.

Scheduling system

You can schedule the bot to automatically start if you can't be in front of your computer for a drop.

Cross Platform

Supreme Simplified is written in Java making it compatible with MacOS and Windows.

Proxy Support

Built-in proxy support to allow the use of different proxies with each of your carts.